The inspiration behind The Bin.

Growing up, I spent almost every weekend competing in wrestling tournaments across the state of Iowa, where there were always young wrestlers walking around with their arms chock-full of singlets, ready to trade or sell. At the high school and collegiate level, wrestlers continued to sell and trade various shoes and apparel, however there was never a secure platform available to conduct these transactions. As wrestlers, we were repeatedly reminded of this need, yet not surprised as wrestling is a sport that often feels 'forgotten".


During my undergraduate wrestling career at the University of Northern Iowa, our team had a recycling bin filled with lost shoes and workout apparel. If we ever forgot something for practice, we would search through the bin and pick out what we needed. This is how I found some of my very favorite workout pieces. This idea is what inspired the creation of a virtual, communal "bin" that is accessible to every wrestler in America.  The Bin was built as a way to fill a glaring need within the wrestling community, and to thereby serve as a small contribution to the greatest sport in the world.